This Video Proves Radical Muslims Have Absolutely No Shame When It Comes To Lying

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This should not come as a surprise to anyone, but it is shocking how many people online bought this.
Let’s forget about the fact that the Cave of the patriarchs was built by Herodotus in honor of his Jewish subjects and let’s forget about the fact that Muslims occupied the building long after the 7th century.

Let’s forget about the fact that Muslims would not allow Jews to even enter the Cave of Patriarchs when they were in charge and let’s forget about the fact that the Muslims built a mosque on top of the Jewish holy site.

Let’s even ignore the fact that Muslims believed the Cave was the burial place of Joseph (son of Jacob) and only after they built a mosque there did they call it the Mosque of Ibrahim.

Seriously, forget all those small unimportant historical FACTS! This story gets much better.
In the Cave of the patriarchs, there are several rooms. The different rooms were built for each pair of Patriarchs and Matriarchs. One room is for Abraham and Sarah, the second is for Issac and Rebbecah and the third is for Jacob and Leah.
The Muslims have a religious connection only to Abraham but most of the year Issac’s room, which is the biggest, is closed for Jews. Four times a year the room is open for Jews and besides prayer, Jews can be seen celebrating with song and dance.

One of those days is the night before Rosh Hashanah. According to Jewish tradition, a ram’s horn(Shofar)  is sounded on Rosh Hashanah in memory of the almost sacrifice of Issac. That is why the hall of Issac is open on the eve of Rosh Hashanah and why we sing and dance.

Well, not according to anti-Israel Muslim activist  Termez you can find him here on Facebook

Mr. Mermez claims that it is all a provocation. Read his post below and wait for the punchline.

For those of you who do not understand French, here is the translation of the post below.

“Another provocation!

On 18 September, several hundred Jewish settlers invaded the al-Ibrahimi Mosque of the city of Hebron in the occupied west bank. While the settlers danced inside the mosque at the rhythm of music, the building was illuminated with the colors of the Zionist entity’s flag. This ultimate provocation occurs as part of the celebrations of the new Jewish year “Roch Hachana” starting on Thursday. The Mosque is forbidden to Muslim worshippers during these Jewish holidays”

  1. It was a Jewish holy site before Islam existed and just because they occupy and ransack other people’s Jewish sites and turn it into a mosque does not make it Muslim.
  2. Jewish law prohibits music on Jewish holidays so this could not have taken place on Rosh Hashanah.
  3. There is only one holy site that forbids a religion from worshipping and that is the Temple Mount!
    Muslims lynch anyone not Islamic who attempts to whisper a prayer.
  4. It’s called Judea not the West Bank and never in the history of the world did Israel ever occupy Judea (JEWdia) from a fabricated nation called Palestinians.

It wasn’t enough for Mr. Mermez to just lie with a still picture, the antisemite decided to add a video!

Again for those who do not understand the French, “In Palestine yesterday, 3000 Jewish settlers invaded the sacred mosque of Ibrahim and chased the Muslims … to dance in it. Amazing.”

  1. No one invaded anything. It is an agreement that the Israeli government made with the Islamic terrorist leadership in Hebron. (Israeli government does ridiculous things sometimes)
  2. Sacred mosque of Ibrahim? The Patriarch who threw Ishmael out? Sorry but the Cave of the Patriarchs was Jewish long before any mosques ever existed.
  3. No one was chased out since there were no Muslims there at the time as agreed upon ahead of time
  4. One TRUE statement in the post, we Jews danced and that seems to really bother Muslims like Mermez!

Can you imagine? Jews dancing! 

For those of you who want a historical overview of this ancient holy and JEWISH city, enjoy!

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