THIS is the only practical solution to the Arab Israeli conflict

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I have spent hours, days, weeks and years fighting anti-Israel propaganda along with exposing Arab lies against Israel. I am telling the rest of you who are here to fight for Israel, do not be shy or fearful,  those who hate Israel have only bigotry and historical fabrications to back up their claims. 

We have truth and that is stronger than anything they might throw at us. 

The entire “occupation” claim of an Arab Palestine country, State or national land is a complete farce and NEVER have I met someone who can back such a claim up with facts.

Israel has proven time and time again with the concessions we made to the Arabs that we want peace.
Our Arab neighbors outnumber us 100 to 1.
Peace is in Israel’s best interest but the question is, is peace possible? 

Before Discussing A Solution, We First Need To Clearly Define The Problem!

People love discussing possible solutions or “Peace plans”, but no one is bothering to clearly define the actual problem. 

Imagine if a patient enters a hospital and as soon as the doctors see the patient is in pain, they decide to amputate a limb or perform open heart surgery before understanding the symptoms and the source of the problem. Their license would be revoked and they would never be allowed to practice medicine again.

Why is it any different when discussing the Israeli-Arab conflict? Everyone knows people are dying and everyone knows people are suffering. Wouldn’t it makes sense to first ask Why is this happening before talking about how to stop it?

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The modern State of Israel was declared in 1948 on the Land of Israel which belonged to the Jews long before Islam or Christianity existed. The Christian Bible, as well as the Quran, both clearly State the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people and God will eventually return the Jews to the Land.  The Jews were murdered and chased out by the Romans who renamed the area Palestine in an attempt to strip any connection of the Land of Israel to the People of Israel. It is almost funny that an Arab population has adopted the same Roman name in order to once again strip the Jews of their indigenous rights over the land of Israel. 

Right before the modern State of Israel was declared, the UN offered a ‘partition plan’ that would split the Land between Arabs and Jews. Although the offered split robbed the Jewish people of Jerusalem, we agreed in order to avoid war. The Arabs on the other hand refused and in response to the resolution launched a war against Israel with the goal of destroying the young Jewish country and throwing its Jewish inhabitants into the sea

Although outnumbered, Israel was victorious in the 48 war and the Arabs failed in their attempt to destroy us. Immediately after the war, the Arabs started claiming victimhood. Being victorious does not mean we were also the belligerent side. The allies completely destroyed Berlin in WW2, does that mean the allies were responsible for the war and the Nazis became victims?  

The result of the 1948 Independence War a messy map with many armistice lines that ran across Israel, separating it from its belligerent enemies.
As you can clearly see from the map on the left, Gaza, the entire West Bank, the Golan Heights, and Jerusalem were all under Arab control. The lines that separated Israel from Arab countries became to be known as the “Green Line”. The ‘Green Line was NEVER meant to be a border and is not internationally recognized as a border. Even if one would like to fake the ‘Green Line’ as a border claim, it certainly has nothing to do with Arabs who call themselves Palestinians. No such national entity ever existed. 

Between 1948-1967 the Jordanians were governing the West Bank and Jerusalem, the Egyptians were controlling Gaza and the Syrians were in control of the Golan Heights. It was these Arab countries that built refugee camps and stuffed their own Arabs and sisters into these camps.
Israel did not build a single refugee camp, EVER!

Why did the Arab States build refugee camps you ask?

Because they figured, if they can create a refugee problem, they would have an excuse to take it out on Israel. 
Understand, all the land that Arabs are demanding and using as a justification to attack Israel today, were already in their control between 1948-1967!
This conflict is NOT about land! 

So, What Should We Do? Is There A Solution?
The problem in Israel is, we have a population of Arabs, who claim that Israel has no right to exist and these same Arabs fabricate a national historic claim in order to justify the eradication of Israel and the creation of a first time Arab State called Palestine. 
The truth is, the conflict is with radical Muslims in the area and not Arabs.
You don’t hear of Christian, Druze or Bedouin Arabs carrying out terror attacks.

4 Points For Peace

1. Fight and completely destroy  Islamic terrorism

When it comes to those who are carrying out or supporting terror (mostly Islamic based terror), there is no peaceful solution. Just like the allies were expected to fight the Nazis, these terrorists, who have no boundaries to their barbaric acts of terror and murder, should be fought against and completely destroyed. 

Official graduation ceremony of FATAH giving the ‘Heil Hitler salute (not Hamas but the “moderate” Palestinians!)


Any Arab who seeks to live peacefully should assist Israel’s attempt to fight the terrorists. For those of you who claim the majority of Muslims are peaceful, this is the perfect opportunity for them to prove themselves.
Any Arab who supports these Islamic terror groups (Hamas, Hizbollah or any of the small splinter Islamic terror cells), will be given 3 choices:

1.Give up
2. Leave
3. Face the IDF in an all out terror cleansing operation.

Any Muslim who opposes Islamic terror groups will receive full Israeli protection until we eradicate ALL terror cells in the area. This should be a simple operation IF the majority of Muslims are indeed looking for peace.

2. Demand Jordan, Syria & Egypt give citizenship Arabs

Israel has taken in millions of Jewish refugees from around the world, including over 800,000 that were chased out of Islamic and Arab countries. Jordan and Egypt actually stripped their own Arab brothers and sisters from citizenship they gave them in 48!
It’s time the Arabs start to taking care of their own peop.
The areas that were part of British Palestine were governed by Jordan, Syria, and Egypt and it was them who built the refugee camps and it is their moral responsibility to give these Arabs citizenship.


Jews will not demand Medinah back from Muslims, we will even give up on the right of return of hundreds of thousands of Jews back to Islamic regimes and we will not ask for a single cent of compensation. In return, the Arabs can do the same for their own people that actually originated from their countries!

3. Arab non-Israeli Residents

The areas  Gaza, Judea and Samaria will become part of the State of Israel and any Arabs who are not citizens of Israel are welcome to stay under certain conditions. If for some reason, the Arab countries who created the refugee problem, do not want to take responsibility for their own brothers, Israel will give them a
*”Ger Toshav” (resident) status.

(*Status is dependent on their lack of connection to any Islamic terror group or ideology)

These Arabs were never Israeli citizens and Israel did not create the refugee problem and should not bear the responsibility of the actions taken by Arabs and Arab countries.

When it comes to human rights, there is nothing to talk about. These people will be under the protection of the State of Israel and anyone who tries to hurt them in any way will be prosecuted.
Non-Israeli Arab villages will govern themselves and be in charge of everything from education to infrastructure. I do expect their Arab brothers from around the Middle East to help fund their new peaceful life, but if they refuse, Israel will join forces with them and help them develop a new life.
Of course, if Israel is in charge of funding for these non-Israeli villages, taxes will need to be collected.
Any partnership with terrorist organizations or countries or movements that seek the destruction of Israel as the Jewish state will result in stripping of all these rights and immediate expulsion.

***All security matters will completely be in Israel’s control. The only armed forces in Arab villages will be Israeli security forces which can include Arabs as well as Jews. 

4. Immigration out of Israel

Any Arab who would like to leave Israel will receive legal assistance in obtaining the necessary papers needed.
Any Arab who wants to leave but cannot afford to do so will receive a special stipend from Israel to help them immigrate to the country of their choice. 

Any Arab, Muslim or Christian who wants peace and nothing more, will welcome this solution with open arms. Anyone who is still stuck on fighting for an imaginary Arab State called Palestine in place of Israel will not be welcome to stay. 

For those of you who think this is not realistic, let me remind you that the Left gave Yasser Arafat guns and the world gave him a Nobel Peace Prize! Realism is what you make it and not what you think it should be. 

Can Israel make peace with those who seek our destruction?
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