Dear President Trump and Mr. Kushner, Here Is Why your Israel Peace initiative Will Fail

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Nobody really knows what Donald Trump has up his sleeve when it comes to Israel. On the one hand, Trump has people on the ground like David Friedman, who stands in full support of Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria and who is a vocal critic of the ‘two state solution’ as well as US envoy and to the Middle East, Jason Dov Greenblatt, who is an avid Zionist and who actually served as a board member of a Judea based school for higher Jewish education. On the other hand, Trump has his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Jared is also a Zionist but where his views lie when it comes to the two-state solution is still a mystery. Here is my advice for President Trump and Mr. Jared Kushner before they start talking about a peace plan.

Jared Kushner made his way over to head of the PA, Abu Mazen, and there seems to be a lot of talk about  ‘jump starting “peace initiative” You can’t jump start a car with no battery!

For those of you who are rolling your eyes thinking I am some kind f pessimist, let me correct your assumption. I am not a pessimist, I am a realist. It is not that I don’t want peace, it is more a matter of fact that giving power or land to those who seek the destruction of Israel and who have a culture that encourages terror will not cause peace. Giving in to terrorists causes only more death.

Is it hopeless?

Well, that depends on what you were hopeful for. If you believed and were hopeful that appeasing radical Islamic movements as well as nationalistic Arabs who don’t have respect for life would bring peace, yeah, it’s not looking good for your ideology.
I never thought this conflict was about land and never put hope into those whose entire being is based on their desire to destroy the only Jewish State. I never believed the Arabs when they said their goal was to build a new country called Palestine because I knew this was really about their desire to destroy one called Israel.

What’s The Solution?

Ask yourself one question before you continue reading; what’s the problem?
We are all looking for a solution, the question is, are we all talking about the same problem?
If you believe the conflict is about land, please read this before continuing.
If you believe this is about some historical justice and a national Arab Palestinian claim, read this and this.

I believe the problem we are so frantically searching for a solution for is very clear but very difficult for some to admit. The source of the conflict is based on religious and cultural contradictions between two peoples.
One side strides for life, the other worships death.

While Israel is a Westernized Democracy, her neighbors and enemies do not value things like equality or mutual respect. While we in the West find it reprehensible to disrespect someone due to their skin color or religion, some of the countries around Israel find reprehensible to offer the same respect to non-Muslims.

While we in the West could not imagine putting a special tax on people who are not of our belief system, the Dhimmi tax for non-Muslims is a real thing.While we in the West cannot imagine a reality where women would be beaten if caught driving, that is the case when it comes to Saudi Arabia. While Western culture values life and the quality of living, Hamas, a radical Islamic terrorist organization that was democratically elected by Gazan Arabs, spent over a Billion dollars on digging terror tunnels and building missiles to attack Israel while their hospitals and schools were collapsing.  Of course, the SJW (social justice warriors) blame Israel and simply ignore the billion dollar terror infrastructure Hamas built using the international humanitarian aid that was supposed to assist the people of Gaza.


Some will claim that Hamas does not represent the “Palestinian” people and they will explain how the PA(Palestinian Authority) is in charge and are much more moderate.

Let’s ignore the fact that the FatahPA party and Hamas actually ran a unity government for years and let’s focus on the latest reports that talk about the fact that the Palestinian Authority pays over $340 million to terrorists as well as to their families after they have carried out a terrorist attacks and attempted or succeeded in murdering Israelis. Just in case you were wondering, $340 million that the PA is using to fund terrorists ie equal to half the amount they receive from foreign aid. Did I mention we have a culture problem?

The Solution? A Change Of Heart

The only solution that exists and the only hope for Jared and Trump to actually succeed in their hope for a lasting peace is for them to focus on changing the mind set and culture of Israel’s enemies. As long as the world ignores and closes a blind eye to the blatantly violent and radicalized Islamic ideology of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, concessions, and acts of appeasement will not only fail to bring about peace, it will actually encourage more terrorism.

You can’t and shouldn’t make peace with this!

What Can The World Do To Bring About Peace?

1. STOP Encouraging The terrorists!

Every time terrorists attack Israel, the world comes out and talks about two sides as if there was some moral equivalence.
When Israel is bombed with thousands of missiles and the U.S State department along with many European countries call for Israel to use restraint, you are encouraging the terrorists. When you refuse to use the word radical Islamic terrorist, you are ignoring and in some cases condoning the terrorist.

2. Stop Justifying The Terrorism!

When Hamas fires tens of thousands of rockets from the Gaza Strip (an area that Israel unilaterally, forcibly and completely expelled all Jewish presence from), is not an act of freedom fighters, it’s called terrorism!

When a Muslim terrorist breaks into a Jewish home and slaughters a family including an 8-month old baby boy, it is not an act of freedom fighters, it’s called barbaric Islamic terrorism!








This is how Ban Ki Moon reacted to a Muslim terrorist who stabbed a Jewish mother in front of her children.

 ” It is human nature to react to occupation”

What in God’s name does the cold blooded murder of Jewish women and children have to do with human nature!
When Muslim terrorists stab a Jewish mother in front of her children, it is not an act that should ever be defined as human nature as the security general of the UN, Ban Ki Moon defined it.


3. Stop Funding The Incitement!

UNWRA receives over $1.2 Billion in annual funding by Western nations. The United States serves as the lead sponsor as they funnel over $400,000,000 over this organization every year. Let’s ignore for a second that in UNWRA schools Israel simply does not exist and let’s ignore the fact that curriculum focuses on encouraging martyrdom.

The funded incitement does not end when the school bell rings. Here is a short overview of who gets the money and what they do with it.

Just in case the message was not yet clear, listen to these two Muslim girls recite poetry that they learned in school.

Bottom line?
Since Trump and Kushner are both real estate businessmen, let me put it to you this way.
This is not a deal you want to try and push. It’s like investing in a building that has no foundation and one party is packing the building with TNT while smoking.

Best thing for Trump to do is send a clear message to the Arab leadership;

You’re FIRED!


What in your opinion is the sour of the conflict?
Leave you comments below

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  1. Excellent points of comparisons anyone with any empathy can clearly see the palestinians have no intention of ever agreeing to peace with Israel.Trump needs to realize the palestinians want Israel gone and all the money in the world will never change their minds and every penny they receive will continue to be used to build tunnels and buy weapons.
    STOP FUNDING THE TERRORIST and eventually they will have to want be too.

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